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The POWEs  — Protectors Of Wildlife Endangered

5 friends — a girl, a boy, a camper van, a dragon and a butterfly are on a mission to save endangered wildlife. Each adventure whisks the reader off to another country, introducing them to the animals that live there and the unique environmental problems they face.

The POWEs and The Lost Jungle

Animal Works International

A tiger cub wonders if he and his mother will ever be able to go home, when they discover that a town has been built where trees once stood. 

Moby, the camper van sensing the tigers are in trouble brings the rest of the POWEs to the rescue. Together they decide to build a wildlife corridor, but when property developers scupper their plans they have to come up with a more ambitious way to get the tigers home.

Another awesome adventure in the POWEs series of children’s books where we discover the damage humans are inflicting upon the environment and the effect that has on the wildlife they share it with. A serious issue handled with a lot of fun as the POWEs use their imaginations to save the tigers.

A percentage of the profits from the sale of this book goes directly to Animal Works International, a not-for-profit association that raises funds for physical resources that animals and habitats need in order to survive (such as land, anti-poaching gear and camera traps).

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Review 1
I absolutely love this book! The illustrations are beautiful and my daughter laughed like a drain when they tried to fit all the animals in the camper van.
Review 1
Review 2
I’ve been trying to find a book to use with the children in my class to discuss deforestation for ages and Imogen your book was perfect. The way you introduce the human characters and how they want to cut down the forest is so atmospheric and resonated so well with children. They really got it!
Review 2
Review 3
Eileen Stevens
Awe, what a great concept for kids books. We just love it.
Review 3
Review 4
Naomi Brooks
A wonderful book. I have found it so hard to find a children's picturebook dedicated to the natural world. This lovely book is a must have for those who love our beautiful planet and want to impart that love in their children.
Review 4
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